John and Judi with Fuzz

John and Judi with Fuzz

I have always had a love of the outdoors and a reverence for the land. Judi is a country girl at heart with a passion for animals and nature. In our past life, together we have built businesses. Today we are building a legacy for our children and grandchildren

For nearly a decade, I was privileged to serve on the board of directors of a large Las Vegas hotel/casino – my introduction to the hospitality industry. Judi started her career with Stouffer’s in Cincinnati, Ohio and worked in the hotel business for many years before we joined forces in our insurance ventures. Our business gave us the opportunity to deal with people, which is something we both enjoy and value.

But what to do next? Naturally that was the question we faced as we sold business interests and properties in Nevada and prepared to relocate to Oregon. We were too young to retire yet not anxious to continue the pace of our former lives. Still, we thought a realistic challenge was in order and what better task than to try to recreate the sustainable family farm.

We purchased the farm in March of 2003 and that fall started our building program by first addressing the construction of a new home on the property. This took the better part of a year and a half and was finished just in time to start building the B&B. In January of 2005 we initiated the process of converting the old grain silos into the unique Abbey Road Farm Bed & Breakfast “Silo Suites”.

In 2007 we secured formal licensure as an events center, and our facilities are simply unmatched in the county when it comes to hosting weddings, concerts and corporate events. Our AgriVino Event Center and our wide variety of farm venues enable ultimate flexibility with first class amenities. Abbey Road Farm can be your one stop destination for those seeking something special in a country setting.

One of our Arcuana hens

One of our Arcuana Hens

a family farm where the very

process of nature unfolds

each and every day

The B & B is located on an 82 acre working farm in the middle of Yamhill County’s wine country. The Stuart Family chose this particular farm largely because of the memories it evoked of those in Europe that I experienced in my childhood. The surrounding landscape is so reminiscent of the countryside of my youth growing up in places like England and Germany, the son of a US military man.

After purchasing the farm in March of 2003 we needed to create a plan of action and decide what our “crops” would be. We wanted to integrate what was already in place with some new enterprises. The property came with 2 acres of Queen Anne Cherries, a delicious variety used principally in the making of maraschinos. With 60 acres of open ground it seemed appropriate to consider a low maintenance perennial like fescue grass. Today, grass seed has become Oregon’s primary field crop. The side benefit is that we now have what amounts to a huge lawn!

Inasmuch as Judi and I both love goat’s milk cheese and the various products made from goat’s milk, and further given that goats have a low impact on the land and are such gentle creatures, the last choice was obvious. Our third “crop” would be dairy goats. So, upon our arrival in the summer of 2003 we established a hobby herd of precious pets and now our farmstead goat cheeses are available for purchase on the farm.

Llamas, sheep, and alpacas round out the current collection of pasture animals. We also built a chicken coop and have one of the most diverse flocks around. Polish, Sultans, Australopes, Arcuanas and Sex Links are the egg laying varieties we have. Not only are the chickens colorful but so are their eggs, ranging in color from pale green to blue to brown as well as white. You’ll find them served in the B&B year-round, as well as fresh vegetables from Judi’s gardens.

Come rain or shine, animals must be fed and cared for, trees must be pruned and crops must be tended. Working on the farm and the “real farm experience” is something that visitors sometimes inquire about. We occasionally allow those seeking a true farm experience to participate with tasks in the garden, the orchards and animal related chores. Let us know if you’re willing to spend a few hours weeding, stacking hay, mucking stalls or whatever as we are only too happy to accommodate! Take a vocation vacation!

The “Silo Suites - One of America’s most unique B&Bs.

The “Silo Suites”

In our prior lives, Judi and I were involved in the insurance business and a good many of our clients were major hotel groups in our hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition, we both have some background in the hospitality industry and have always enjoyed traveling and staying at fine Bed & Breakfasts where we could truly relax and move about at our own pace. Thus, not surprisingly, it was an easy choice for us to build our own Bed & Breakfast.

In January of 2005 we initiated the process of converting the old grain silos into the unique Abbey Road Farm Bed & Breakfast “Silo Suites”.

The suites were finished on the anniversary of the second year of our arrival, July 2005. Each room has a spectacular view of the valley, wetlands, pastures and/or gardens. And although this is a working farm, the accommodations are more like what one would find at a resort. Our desire was to build our Bed & Breakfast as a place that we ourselves would want to visit. Hence, the fabulous views, a location in the country yet accessible to nearby cities, and a place surrounded by nature and featuring nothing but the freshest food.

Enjoy the natural beauty of the area with a stroll through our gardens and orchards. Feel free to bring your bike and enjoy miles of country roads perfect for cycling. Relax in the evenings under white oak trees with a glass of the new “favorite wine” you found today. Sit back as the sun sets over the ridgeline across the valley or play some horseshoes with the other guests. No matter what, be prepared to take in some beautiful sights and sounds as you unwind here at the farm.


ME on the tractor






Not surprisingly, it takes a team to run a farm and we have some very dedicated and talented staff members. ME is Mary Ellen Rice, our farm intern. Lizeth helps with both the B&B cleaning and cooking.

Kids and grandkids make up the balance of the staff on a seasonal basis. Holidays and summer vacations provide us with a chance to connect with children and family members that love to pitch in with chores. Having a farm is also the perfect place to invite our “city slicker” friends to visit for a dose of the kind of reality show that does not exist on television.

Needless to say, we also get some help from some of our four legged friends. Our Parsons Russell Terrier, Fuzz, is in charge of gopher control while Fergus, the llama, guards the goat herd.